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This page covers the campaigns against road closures in London boroughs that have been put in place since early 2020 using the Covid-19 epidemic as an excuse. They typically use “modal filters” (i.e. planters and bollards as in the above photograph taken in L.B. Lewisham) or cameras to close roads; or they provide access at only certain times (as in “School Streets”).

These measures are also based on the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) where the aim is to cut vehicle use on local roads and stop vehicles from outside the local area driving on them regardless of why they are doing so (or as councils say “to stop the rat-runners” although people are not rats so this term is very objectionable).  They are sometimes called something else such as “Healthy Neighbourhoods” or “Mini-Hollands”. LTNs are being encouraged and financed by central Government and are being introduced without public consultation or consent.

London Road Closures

They create enormous difficulties for many people such as the elderly or disabled, service workers or care and social service workers, or those who need to carry goods. Traffic congestion has worsened as a result, and this has led to worse air pollution in many areas. Road closures are all part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS) and are promoted by Transport for London (TfL). See this web page for more information on the MTS: Against-MTS.

This web page summarises the various campaigns on this issue that have come to our attention and we encourage you to support them. There are also many articles on this subject that refute the arguments put forward for LTNs on this page: Low-Traffic-Neighbourhoods

Many of the campaigns have supporting petitions. They are listed below - please sign them.

Lewisham: There is a petition on against the road closures here: . Please sign it if you have not done so already. There is a specific page on this web site dedicated to the campaign on behalf of Lewisham residents here: Lewisham-Campaign

Lambeth: Opposition to road closures in the Oval Triangle: . And there is a specific petition against closures of Railton Road and Shakespeare Road on here: . Plus one on the St Matthews Road closure: . A web site is present here: and a fund for legal action is being raised here:  

Islington: Opposition to road closures in Prebend Street, Colebrooke Row, etc, in the St. Peters Ward: .  And a campaign to keep Highbury moving here:   

Waltham Forest: A petition against road closures in the borough:

Southwark: A petition against road closures in the Walworth/Kennington area: , plus a petition against road closures in Dulwich: and one for East Dulwich:        


Croydon: A petition against the closure of the Southern Avenue/ Lancaster Road Junction, in South Norwood: . A fund for legal action is being raised here:


Sunbury: A petition against an “Active Travel” scheme including road closures in Sunbury: . The scheme has now been withdrawn.

Wandsworth: Opposition to a “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” in Heaver/Balham South:

Ealing: Opposition to plans for “Low Traffic Neighbourhoods” and the failure of the Council to disclose those plans: .

A fund for legal action is being raised here: . There is also a specific campaign against the Fox Lane LTN with funds being raised for legal action - see

Enfield: Objection to Low Traffic Neighbourhood:  A fund for legal action is being raised here:


Hammersmith & Fulham: Local M.P. Greg Hands created a petition calling on LBHF to cancel its SW6 traffic scheme.


Greenwich: Opposition to road closures blocking east-west routes: and opposed to Hills and Vales closures:  

Hounslow: Demand for consultation on South Chiswick traffic measures; and Call for reversal of LTN in Chiswick: .

A fund for legal action is being raised here:

Newham: For immediate removal of Newham’s LTN schemes:


Hackney: Petition to reverse the road closures and have a public consultation:

Funds for legal action are being raised here: and here:

Camden: Opposition to Arlington Road and other road closures: . There is wide opposition to LTN schemes in Camden.

Harrow: Petition opposing road blocks:


There are also road closures taking place in these London boroughs: Tower Hamlets and Kingston. If you live or work in those boroughs, why not create your own petition against them? It’s very easy to do so on Or if you need assistance with a campaign against road closures, please contact the FFDF using this page: Contact

There is also opposition to the removal of road space for cycle lanes, bus lanes and wider pavements. See:

Kensington & Chelsea: Petition to halt Kensington High Street Cycle Scheme:

Hounslow: Opposition to cycle lane on Chiswick High Road by One Chiswick campaign:

Camden: Funding for legal case against cycle lanes on Haverstock Hill:

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are now promoted under a “Streetspace” policy adopted by TfL under the Mayors Transport Strategy (MTS). We have consistently opposed the MTS. Go to this web page: Against-MTS for more information or you can register your interest and receive updates by going here: MTS-Updates.

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