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This page contains links to other web sites that may be of interest. Please let us know if you have suggestions for other links.

Sometimes links stop working because sites are closed down or their address is changed. Please let us know if there are any problems with any links.


Greater London Authority.  GLA and Mayor of London policies and news:

Transport for London.  Part of the GLA that deals with transport matters. Lots of useful information including details of the Congestion Charging Scheme:

London Journey Planner.  Part of the Transport for London site. It enables you to plan your journey by train, bus, tube, etc:

London Traffic News.  Traffic news in London provided by Transport for London:

London Underground. Information on tube services:   

London Congestion/ULEZ Charging.  Information on the London congestion charge and the ULEZ and a way to pay them:  

Department for Transport.  Lots of government info on transport, road safety, etc:

DfT Transport Statistics.  Useful national transport data:

Highways England.  Travel updates. Information on the national road network:

Transport Research Laboratory. Publish independent reports on transport matters:

The Public Purpose. A site containing much useful information on public transport in the USA, but also contains useful data on London and UK transport:  

UK National Air Quality.  Information site on air pollution:

London Air Quality Network.  Information site on air pollution in London:

Campaign for Freedom of Information. Useful info on getting information from government bodies:

StreetMap. Enter a street name or post code and it gives you a local map:

Train Timetables.  UK rail network schedules:

Trainline: Train and bus schedules and fares:

YourParkingSpace. Enables you to find the nearest/cheapest parking in London:

AppealNow.  Provides assistance for appealing parking ticket and London Congestion charge penalty notices:

Crash Map. Provides maps of all road traffic accidents:


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