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This page covers many of the articles we have published on our blog that explain the disadvantages of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) although they sometimes masquerade under different names. Their common objective is to cut traffic so as to reduce air pollution and provide other benefits but the claims made for them are a mirage. The evidence contradicts those claims. The articles are listed in date order (latest first) and may be added to as others are published (or use the blog search facility to find others).

Spurious Evidence on the Benefits of LTNs:

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Why LTNs are Failing:

High Court Hearing on Judicial Reviews:

Greenwich LTN and Opposition to Enfield Regime:

LTNs Collapsing:


Legal Actions Against LTNs Escalating:

LTNs Are Not Popular:

Croydon Council Supporting LTN Despite Overwhelming Public Opposition:

Pollution in LTN Rose, Nigel Farage’s Roads Election Pledge and Emergency Service Access Problems:

London Opposition to LTNs, Lewisham Council Meeting, Commonplace and Ealing Opposed to LTNs:

Croydon Streetspace Consultation:

Legal Action Over LTNs:

The Consequences of Shutting Out Traffic:

Government Rejects Popular E-Petition Against Road Closures

The LTN, Air Pollution and Climate Emergency in Lewisham:

Demo Against LTN and LibDem Opinion Poll:

Does Closing Roads Reduce Air Pollution and Improve Health?:  

Are There Any Benefits from Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:

Air Quality and the ULEZ:

More on Shapps Announcement:

Spending £0.5 Million with NO Justification:

Mini-Hollands and Why Road Closures May Be Illegal:  

The Impact of Delays to Emergency Vehicles:

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