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This page covers the current and past campaigns by the Freedom for Drivers Foundation. They demonstrate how drivers can have a significant influence on the policies of central and local government if supporters are active in promoting our views.

The FFDF runs campaigns on important transport issues.


The list below covers our current campaigns and some of the past ones so you can see how it is possible to stimulate public debate and thwart unreasonable proposals. Contact us if you need support for a local campaign.


London Road Closures.


A campaign against road closures caused by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and the Streetspace policy that are creating more congestion.

Against MTS.


A campaign against the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy which is a blatant attack on motorists and against the ULEZ scheme.



A campaign against the closing of roads in Lewisham as part of the "Healthy Neighbourhoods" or Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) proposals.

Croydon 20


A campaign against a wide area, very expensive 20 mph signed only scheme in the London Borough of Croydon.

Dartford Crossing

A campaign opposing charges on the Dartford Crossing and the new payment system.


A campaign in support of removal of the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge Zone.

Greenwich Congestion Zone


A campaign opposing a congestion charge in the London Borough of Greenwich.  

Richmond Parking

A campaign against an Emission Based Permit Parking Scheme in the London Borough of Richmond.

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