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The FFDF Promotes the Interests of Drivers


The Freedom for Drivers Foundation (FFDF) is a body that aims to educate the public about the benefits of road vehicles. With cars, vans and taxis accounting for 80% of the mileage of all trips in the UK, and over 65% of goods being carried by road, the road network and the people who use it are of vital importance to the nation's economy.

Drivers should expect the road network to be improved and maintained to a standard that is fit for purpose, and that includes in London. They should be able to use the roads in a safe and responsible manner without being subject to unreasonable restrictions or charges and petty bureaucracy. In particular the FFDF campaigns for:

Greater investment in the road network to cut congestion.

Better parking provision.

No road tolls or congestion taxes.

More intelligent and evidence based road safety policies.

Reduced taxes on owning and running cars.

It is unfortunate that transport policies in the last few years have been dominated by anti-car factions who either hate cars or are cycling fanatics. As a result, we have very unbalanced transport policies in the country and particularly in London which impose enormous costs on residents and visitors. Public transport is massively subsidised while private transport is penalised and discouraged. The latest example of this is the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods where roads are closed to vehicles, which is creating massive increases in congestion.

This web site is a source of information on traffic and transport issues and covers our news reports and campaigns.

Go to About for more information on the FFDF in London and our national activities. Go to Register if you want to sign up for our free newsletters.

Make sure you object to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods which have caused more traffic congestion and more air pollution.

Latest News

This is the latest news. Go to the Blog for more news, or follow us on Twitter, or use the site search facility - see top of page - to explore the site.

Opposition to Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS). The FFDF is opposing many aspects of Sadiq Khan's London Transport Strategy and the "London Plan". Go here for more information and how you can object: Against-MTS

Campaign against road closures caused by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and the Streetspace policy that are creating more congestion: London-road-closures

Three of the most important issues for London drivers are the Congestion Charge (a.k.a. Tax), 20 MPH Speed Limits and Parking. We have specific pages to cover those topics - summarised below.

Congestion Charging

The London Congestion Charge is one of the most controversial measures imposed by car hating Mayor Ken Livingstone. It has been supported by subsequent Mayors and other politicians even though it had no significant impact on traffic congestion in central London (claims by TfL that it did are simply wrong). It is also a simplistic system while being very expensive to run. Go here for more information:  Congestion.

20 mph speed limits

20 mph speed limits have been adopted over wide areas. Often these are “signed only” limits which have not been shown to have any road safety benefits. We are not opposed to 20 mph speed limits in appropriate areas (where traffic speeds are near that limit) but we oppose their adoption where there are no rational reasons to slow traffic and increase journey times. See the Road Safety page for more information There are also a number of articles on our Blog on this topic.

Parking Restrictions

Restrictions on parking and excessive charges for doing so are a common complaint in London and other cities. Local boroughs make millions of pounds from motorists and use the money to subsidise other budgets, sometimes illegally. Go to Parking for articles on that topic including Permit Parking schemes and Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs).

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