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The Alliance of British Drivers is currently raising funds for a legal challenge against the road closures that have been imposed in a number of London boroughs using Temporary Traffic Orders. These road closures have caused massively increased journey times, additional traffic congestion, more air pollution and delays to emergency service vehicles. They have been justified based on the Covid-19 emergency and the need to enhance social distancing but in reality do nothing to assist and actually force people to use public transport where they are more vulnerable.

Those people who rely on the use of vehicles such as the elderly and disabled, social workers, tradesmen and delivery drivers have been very seriously inconvenienced for no good reason.

We believe there are a number of possible grounds for a legal challenge to these “temporary” measures or against them being make permanent. That is quite likely as it was clearly the intention to do so in boroughs such as Lewisham on such roads as that shown above (Upwood Road).

This will likely require a judicial review to force reconsideration of the closures by local councils. To be certain of having the funds necessary to pursue such a case in the High Court, including any possible appeals, we need to raise as much as £100,000 to cover the legal costs.

This case will of course set a precedent not just for London Boroughs but for local councils in the whole country. So please support the legal case by donating using the Paypal payment service link below (you can pay with any debit or credit card by using the “Donate With a Card” option).


Payments will be made to Pro-Motor Lrd (the legal name of the Alliance of British Drivers). Note: use a modern browser such as Chrome or Edge if you have any difficulties with this transaction.

The possible grounds for a legal challenge may include the following:

Roads can be closed by the use of Traffic Orders but there needs to be reasonable justification for such closures and time given for objections. There are also several Acts of Parliament that might be relevant. For example:

–         The Road Traffic Act 1984 which contains this sentence (in Section 122): “It shall be the duty of the Greater London Council and of every other local authority upon whom functions are conferred by or under this Act, so to exercise the functions conferred on them by this Act …. to secure the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of vehicular and other traffic….”. Road closures aimed simply at reducing traffic appear to be ignoring that duty.

–         The Traffic Management Act 2004 which puts a duty on local traffic authorities to manage their road network to make sure that traffic can move freely. Again this duty is being ignored.

–         The Equalities Act 2010 which restricts discrimination against people with disabilities or based on age when road closure proposals negatively impact those sections of the community.

There is also the issue of the lack of public consultations on many of the road closures to date, or they have been done in an incomplete and biased manner.

Alternatively some of the road closures have been simply irrational, or have been progressed without the correct procedures being followed by councils.

Terms and Conditions:

1. If you wish to donate by other means please contact the ABD by using this contact page: Contact, or telephone 020-8295-0378 during office hours. If you have any questions on this fund raising or the legal action, please use the same information to contact us.

2. The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) warrants that any donations made to this legal fund will be used to pursue opposition by legal or other means to road closures, including the promotion of this campaign and associated administration costs. If it proves to be unsuccessful and any funds remain after all reasonable legal and other channels have been pursued then any remaining funds will be either returned to donors, or applied in other ways to support opposition to road closures or other campaigns in support of road users.

3. Any money donated to this fund will be kept separately to other ABD funds in our accounts and a record of individual donations maintained.

4. Note that there is always uncertainty attached to any legal case. All the ABD can do is make our best efforts to achieve some changes that will stop councils unreasonably closing roads and without public consultation in advance.

5. Any donors to this fund will be given regular updates on the progress of the legal action. The first step will be to take legal advice (some has already been taken) so that it is clear that there is a sound basis for a judicial review or other legal action. No claim will be filed in court unless that is apparent and we are advised that there is a reasonable chance of success.

6. Other legal conditions related to the use of this web site including our privacy policy can be obtained from the link at the foot of this page.