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A few of the comments written on the responses to our Greenwich mailing in August 2007 are given below (the printable ones). Responses where no location is given came in via email. A more complete list is present in this pdf document: Responses 

“I do not have a car but support the campaign” A.P. Thamesmead 

“Our car is the easiest way to get around as I can’t walk more than 50 yards – I have worked and saved hard to be able to have a car. No more taxes.” S.W. Eltham 

“I am absolutely against any congestion charges anywhere, let alone Greenwich. It is a con to rob people of their hard earned money.” S.A. Shooters Hill 

“Why should the driver always be penalised. Congestion will be here to stay as we are now overcrowded everywhere.”  D.C. Eltham 

“I think that paying for a permit for my car of £40 per year is enough and I think it is disgusting that there is a possibility of having to pay to drive in Greenwich.” C.D. Greenwich 

“I do not drive myself but my family use the Blackwall Tunnel and A2 to visit me. London is being strangled by TfL. Taking money that is supposed to be put to good use, and charging this that and the other for residents and visitors.” C.R. Eltham 

“The idea that local residents could potentially be asked to pay a congestion charge to drive in their own borough is ludicrous and unfair. We pay Council tax to support our area and expect to be able to enjoy it fully. The constant tailbacks to the Blackwell tunnel and grid lock within Greenwich and Blackheath obviously impede such enjoyment and are clearly a result of a) huge volumes traffic coming into London (and not Greenwich) b) constant road works c) constant work on/problems with the tunnel d) tourist attractions like the Royal Park, Maritime Museum, Market, Cutty Sark etc. To suggest they are the result of people living in the area is pathetic.” J.C. Blackheath 

“As a resident of Blackheath I know only too well how busy the surrounding roads are but do not see this as the answer to the problem. The locals will be the ones that are affected the most and this is unfair in my opinion.”  A.A. Blackheath 

“I wholeheartedly agree with your campaign. As soon as the Blackwall Tunnel tidal flow was withdrawn after some 29 years for, in my opinion, cock and bull story-like reasons, I knew it was only a matter of time before congestion charging was implemented.” M.M. New Eltham 

“I definitely oppose the congestion charge. It always starts low and gradually climbs to an exorbitant price .Take London for example, started at £5, now £8, won’t be long to go to £10 .Here in Greenwich it will only be used to take money from drivers, while no better and reasonable priced public transport is made available.” L.S. 

“The proposal for congestion charges in Greenwich is completely ridiculous and there is no justification for this proposal on any grounds. I strongly object to this.”  S.C. 

“It is appalling that the government should want to charge Greenwich residents a congestion charge, when this area is mainly populated by those who live there, and who should be entitled to freely travel the roads without yet another tax to pay. There is no justification for creating a congestion charge for this area. Your efforts in driving this campaign are much appreciated.” M.G. Eltham 

“Regarding congestion charges -  No !!, I do not want to pay congestion charges in Greenwich as I find it very hard living on my own with a basic pension, trying to make ends meet.  Five pounds congestion charge is a lot of money for an OAP, especially when we have to pay so much tax and insurance.  I think it’s a disgrace.” C.L. 

“Please count me in as one of those who oppose the introduction of the above in Greenwich. We suffer enough with only one main crossing (Blackwall tunnel) from north to south for miles. It did not seem fair to have to pay on top of our inconvenience.” O.O. 

“As a Greenwich based coach Company, with many of my staff traveling along the mentioned roads, I support your campaign to fight any further charges that TFL or Greenwich Council wish to impose. They are killing all type of businesses in the area”. L.T. Greenwich. 

“I wish to advise that my wife and myself are totally opposed to the introduction of the proposed Congestion Charge. Do the Council and Transport for London not realise what a burden it will be on the Greenwich residents who need to travel freely within their own Borough, especially when they happen to be O.A.P's, as we are. It is no good people saying we can travel free on local busses, bus routes do not cover every street within the Borough. We consider we pay more than enough to our local council in the form of Council Tax without having to pay to use our roads as well. The motorist is forever being penalized in the form of extra taxes, because this is what the proposal would be, and it about time it was stopped.” J.H.  

“I strongly object to a proposed congestion charge in Greenwich.  Another stealth tax on motorists! Greenwich council has not got a great track record in conducting full consultation processes to proposals in recent years so I thoroughly support calls for a complete consultation on this issue. The implications are both many and far-reaching and those that will be asked to finance this scheme should have their say! I agree with your leaflet, there is no justification for this on environmental grounds - as evidenced in London.  It penalizes the people who can least afford to pay more tax, i.e. low-paid shift workers, hospital staff etc. Finally, with no efficient, reliable, convenient and all-purpose public transport service, people have to use their cars and so become a soft target.” C.H. New Eltham

“I am totally in support of your campaign and believe we should be given a fair and real vote on the issue of the introduction of the Congestion Charge in Greenwich and could not agree with you more in the fact that 'yes' this will hit the less wealthy then most. Don't we pay enough in taxes already? Ken Livingston is already making my life a misery since the closure of the Tidal Flow at the tunnel and this would really be the icing on the cake, I can just about afford to get to work what with road tax, insurance etc...with two little kids I don't rely on the government and handouts. I'd rather work, but by imposing such tolls on us it would force me to stay at home as I wouldn't be able to afford to go to work anymore. The 'People's Mayor', I don't think so....” D.D.

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