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This page contains responses to public consultations made by the London ABD Region (in reverse date order).

Date  Summary  Click on to read
02/12/2016  Submission to LB Merton on Diesel Permit Parking Surcharges  Merton-Diesel-Permit-Surcharges
13/09/2016  Greater London Assembly Scrutiny on Traffic Congestion  Congestion-Scrutiny
08/09/2013  East-West Cycle Superhighway  Cycle Superhighway East-West
16/03/2013  Response to Proposals for Controlled MWay M25 Junctions 16/23  M25_Controlled Motorway
07/01/2013  Response to Proposals for Managed Motorway M25 Junctions 23/27  M25_Managed_Motorway
29/12/2012  Response to Consultation on New Thames River Crossing  New_River_Crossings
29/12/2012  Response to Consultation on Dartford Crossing Free-flow Charging  Dartford_Crossing_Freeflow_Charging
28/09/2012  Road Safety Action Plan Consultation Response  Road_Safety_Action_Plan
02/09/2012  Roads Task Force Consultation Response  Roads_Task_Force
03/08/2011  Dartford Crossing Toll Charges Consultation Response  Dartford_Crossing_Response
04/04/2011  Blackfriars Bridge - Revised Road Layout  Blackfriars_Bridge
15/08/2010  Olympic Route Network Penalty Charges  ORN_Penalty_Charge_Response
15/08/2010  Additional Parking Charges in Greater London  Parking_Consultation
31/05/2010  Congestion Charge Changes and Western Extension Removal  Western_Consultation_2
17/05/2010  Air Quality Strategy - Consultation Response  Air_Quality_Response
05/01/2010  Mayor's Transport Strategy - Consultation Response  Transport_Strategy_Response
09/07/2009  Mayor's Transport Strategy - Statement of Intent Response  MTS_Response
22/12/2008  Legal Costs in Criminal Cases Consultation Response  Legal_Costs_Response
21/12/2008  Olympic Route Network (ORN) Consultation Response  ORN_Response
14/12/2008  Way to Go (Mayor's Transport Strategy) Response  WaytoGo_Response
13/12/2008  Inquiry into 20 Mph Limits in London  Response_20Mph_Zones
26/09/2008  Western Extension of the Congestion Charge Consultation  Westcon_Consultation
05/11/2007  Advanced Stop Lines and the LLA & TfL Bill  ASL_Consultation
18/08/2007  Emissions Related Congestion Charging (25 Charge)  ERCC
14/08/2007  Congestion Charge Variation Order No. 3 (Higher penalties)  Congestion_Charge_Variation
03/01/2007  Low Emission Zone (LEZ)  LEZ
13/12/2006  Croydon Tramlink Extension  Tramlink
07/11/2006  Richmond CO2 Based Permit Parking  Richmond_Parking

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