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Tower Bridge from the NorthThe Alliance of British Drivers (ABD - formerly the Association of British Drivers) was formed to fight for the interests of the everyday motorist – in other words most of us. UK drivers are some of the most heavily taxed in the world, and yet we have one of the worst road networks and suffer more from traffic congestion than the residents of almost all other countries. In addition road safety policy, environmental strategy and planning laws have become dominated by “anti-car” factions who do not represent the voice of the general public.

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Campaign against speed awareness courses and police waivers. The ABD has launched a campaign named AMPOW to oppose the misuse of police waivers. .

ABD campaign to oppose wide area 20 mph speed limits in Croydon. Croydon council is consulting on wide area, signed-only speed limits in Croydon. Make sure you object.

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London Congestion Charge One of the most controversial impositions on drivers in London is the Congestion Tax imposed by former Mayor Ken Livingstone. Go to this page for lots of information that explains why it is an enormously expensive scheme that simply has not worked: London Congestion Charge

Parking Charges Ever since the decriminalised system of enforcing parking was introduced into London, parking charges and penalties for "moving traffic offences" have been a major source of revenue for London boroughs, resulting in excessive charges, the constant harassment of drivers and the frequent imposition of unjustified penalties. Go here for more information: Parking.

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Our current campaign is against wide-area 20 mph speed limits in Croydon - go here for more information: Croydon20

For information on our previous campaigns against, Thames River Crossing Charges, 20 Mph Average Speed Cameras, the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge, against congestion charging in Greenwich and Permit Parking in Richmond go here: River_Crossings No20cameras, WesternCon Greenwich or Richmond

These campaigns show how you can make an impact and stop anti-car policies.